Monday, April 29, 2013


It's been a good and interesting day.  We have been learning great things and are associating with other senior missionaries.  It has been very enjoyable.  We met another couple going to Sydney Australia.  They have been waiting for their visa since February and are still not sure they will get it by May 12.  We feel very blessed to have our visa ready and waiting.  We have enjoyed seeing lots and lots of young missionaries and two sisters approached us and asked if they could bear their testimony in Spanish to practice their verb conjugations.  We of course said yes.  We could almost understand their Spanish, because they only speak slightly more than us!  But we nodded and smiled in all the appropriate places and said "Esta Bien!"  They were very happy :) and pretty and seemed highly motivated.

We are staying at the Marriott in downtown Provo.  We went swimming for our exercise and will spend the evening studying and preparing for more instruction tomorrow.  We have been dressed up all day and will spend tomorrow all dressed up.  We think we miss our levis already.

We had many good wishes this morning from our children.  Thank you family for your love and support.

And finally a Happy Birthday Shout Out to Alita for her "29th" birthday.  Hope your day was as relaxing as you had hoped.

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