Sunday, October 6, 2013

Where in the World is Prince Harry???

We will tell you more about our missionary week after we tell you about our Saturday in Sydney Harbour looking for Prince Harry.  Australia has had a navy for 100 years and we were here for the fleet review - attended by Prince Harry.  Of course, Elder & Sister Feil were so excited to go to Sydney Harbour and see him there.  :)  So off we went to the city with 3 other senior couples. We rode the river cat again because they had shut down roads and the best way in was either by water, bus, or train.  Water is more picturesque and off we went at 8am after walking for 20 minutes to get to the Paramatta Pier.  This first picture is of the Anzac Bridge, which is the other way into Sydney and honors the military who have sacrificed to keep Australia safe.

This was the amazing military band that played many wonderful pieces of music for about 1 hour.  It was great entertainment as we waited for and watched the naval vessels pass by the Opera House and Sydney Harbour.  It was a very good show.  And, of course, we danced to Boogey Woogey Bugle Boy From Company B.  With think impressed Prince Harry.

Sister Tanner thought he might be Prince Harry in disguise :)

Fly overs happened with jet planes,  4 prop planes, helicopters and old airplanes.  Is Prince Harry flying one of these?
This is the American entry to the naval review.   They had to cancel some on-board social functions due to a lack of funds meaning the US Government shut down.  This is a hot topic here and we have to try to explain that more than we must explain our name tags!

One of the cool looking, old sailing ships on display in the harbor. Can you see Prince Harry steering?

This little island is called Pinch Gut.  This is where the most notorious, out of control convicts were placed with little food and water for a week at a time in the 1800s.  Prince Harry is not here.

This was a "mock" rescue.  Maybe Prince Harry was the helicopter pilot.

How about a photo with an aborigine entertainer?  There are several that frequent the Circular Quay on weekends and perform and sell DVDs.  We think he's the real deal.

This is called the Nurses' Walk.  It's the most narrow road in The Rocks area of Sydney.  And here's the group of couples, minus the photographer, Sister Feil.  Somebody had to take the photo.

Here we are with about 500 thousand of our best friends in Australia.  Prince Harry left from here to go to the park across the bay to watch the fireworks.  After walking for about 5 miles we were looking for a place to sit.  Our kind Australian friends allowed us to squeeze in by them.  They had been holding their spots since about 1 pm while we were off to Manly for lunch via ferry boat.

The fireworks display and light show was totally awesome!  The light show also included images of the past 100 years of naval history including photos of the wars.  They used the Opera House as a the screen for the video.  Plus, these photos say it all.

By the time we caught our packed, return train and walked another 20 minutes to the car, it was after 10 pm and then we had to turn our clocks forward 1 hour to begin Daylight Savings Time here.  Remember, it's Spring here now.  So, we are now 17 hours ahead of Utah time.  We've had a busy week signing 6 new leases in preparation for receiving 14 new, young missionaries and one couple.  So, this harbour adventure was a nice diversion.  We are looking forward to listening to or seeing General Conference.  It's scheduled for local broadcast next Saturday and Sunday.  We had a mission fast today for improvement of the missionary efforts.  We hope all is well at home and with each of you, our friends, neighbors and relatives.  Love you all!  Elder and Sister Feil

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