Sunday, January 19, 2014

Country Roads Take Me Home....

 Our week was a busy one as we received 5 missionaries from the MTC's who were learning English.  The Lord gives opportunities for growth if we are willing.  The other part of this story is about the Elder on the left from Indonesia.  He received help with his English and with piano lessons from a senior couple  serving there the past 2 years.  They have been friends with Sister Feil since college days ( and that is 40 years ago!) So this Elder bridged the gap in their friendship again as both Senior couples have helped him in his missionary service.  No matter where we live, we unite in our service for the Lord. 

By Friday we were ready to hit the road to the Narrabri Shire in NSW.  We would be speaking at the country branch on Sunday.  So when this sign appeared 3 hours into the drive, we couldn't resist seeking an answer!

And here's our answer!  We were heading northwest towards the outback and we almost got there.  The temperature was hovering around 95 degrees F and as you can see, clear blue skies all the way.

The sunsets are always beautiful and colorful and we have to stop and take yet another picture.  We never tire of the beauties of this earth.  We know you have magnificent sunsets where you live and we hope you take time to be grateful to Heavenly Father for His creations.
This is a camera-learning experience which actually turned out pretty good.  Yes that is the moon rising.

 Every country town has a bakery, a butchery and a chinese restaurant.  We had breakfast at the bakery which was next door to the Subway.  We try not to eat at any American fast food places because we know we can do that anytime we want back home.  This is the Namoi River.  

After breakfast we headed even further west into the bush to the Australia Telescope Compact Array.  There are 6  dishes each 22 meters across.  They move on a pair of tracks that are 3 km long.  These track radio waves from outer space.  We spent several hours learning about space and radio waves.  Wish you were here Dane!

As we were leaving the compound, Sister Feil spotted this goana and couldn't resist jumping from the car and taking his picture.  We were a little nervous about getting too close. Sister Howes said if you stand still, he will think you are a tree and climb on you.  YIKES!
From the telescopes we wandered over to Mt. Kaputar National Park.  We took the trail to Sawn Rocks.

They are inspiring.  Below are some that have crashed down to the creek area and look like a mosaic.

Back in Narrabri, we drove past a few of the heritage sites, including the Old Gaol, or as you say in America, Old Jail. :)   It took us a minute to figure out what the Information Booth lady was saying. 

The final activity of the day was a golf game.  This is becoming one of Elder Feil's monthly events.  It is a pretty cheap activity in the country towns, and if you go late on a Saturday, you are the only ones there.  So, Sister Feil attempted to play this time.  I know my sons will love this picture of my form!

 This was where church was held on Sunday.  They rent this building and generally get about 15 to church.  They are diligent and kind and we always come away feeling blessed.  This is one of the reasons we came on a mission.  

As we headed home, we came upon a cattle drive complete with  cowgirls. The men were driving a utility (truck).   

The traffic was a little heavy.

MOOOO said Elder Feil and the cow said, Huh? What?  I just laughed and snapped another picture.

They smiled when I asked for their pictures with my American accent and readily agreed.

The name of this town is Willow Tree and they have taken name branding to heart!

Country towns have interesting old items on display.

One more thing every country town has - a pub.

This is Emirates Park in the middle of the country - a huge horse ranch with numerous training paddocks for thoroughbreds.

Interesting old buildings abound in the country.

And finally a joke for the grand kids - where do Mormons in Australia go to drink on the weekend??  You are right!  A Milk Bar!  After driving for 13 hours we are ready for bed.  We have a conference tomorrow with Elder O'Riordon, an Area Seventy and are looking forward to another busy week.  We loved our visit to the country and hope we have given you a feeling for the beauty. The gospel is still true.
Love and hugs,
Elder Cowboy Feil
Sister Molly Moo Feil 

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  1. I love reading your posts and living a mission a little vicariously. Pat retires in July, but we have my dad living with us so he is our mission now. Peggy is in a care center in Fallon so I get out there every week to 10 days. I really enjoy all of you pictures.