Sunday, February 2, 2014

Catch A Wave

It was another very busy and good week in the Australia Sydney North Mission.  Two Senior Couples arrived on Wednesday to begin their service.  One will work in a branch about a 2 hour drive north of the mission office.  The other will work with us in the office.  We helped them get settled in their flats and they are immersed in their assignments, with enthusiasm.  We are still in summer here which means some hot days, but also some nice evenings.  The sunsets are still beautiful, as is this country.  We had a little miracle this week.  There is another Senior Couple coming in to serve in the Perpetual Education Fund/Self Reliance area.  They go to New Zealand for a few days of training and will arrive here soon.  We were seeking a flat to lease for them.  This is the miracle-we found a newly built, never been lived in flat near the office.  Our application was accepted! And at the price we needed it to be.  We will be able to move them in by the end of this week.  The Lord always makes sure his work moves forward - and we just try and keep up.   By Saturday, it was time for a little R & R.  We needed to stay close by and heard that Palm Beach was just 40 k's away.  Off we went to find our fame, fortune, and the perfect wave!
Did we mention that we don't surf?  Hmmmm, well at least we know how to wade - so in we go.  There is nothing wrong with your color, this sand is very red.  

And the phone rings, even at the beach.  But we love helping the missionaries, so it is good to be available.
We chose our favorite house overlooking the beach - the only problem is that it's not in the budget!

Another beach-side rock pool.  Actually this one had cement sides, but it is still filled by the high tide.  We did not have our suits, so walking was the order of the day while the tide was still low.

We have never seen sea weed like this, but it was everywhere on the rocks.

As the tide was coming in, we thought we should take some great pictures of "rolling waters".  That happens to be the name of the monthly newsletter that Sister Feil writes.  This wave looked perfect, and Elder Feil was a great photographer.
Sister Feil thought she should have her chance at a great shot. So Elder Feil lined himself up and waited.

And Waited....

"Oh my goodness, there it is - protect the camera!" 

"This will be a great shot - hold that pose Elder"


That was some wave - and yes I got it on film.

We had a great laugh, the camera survived, the sun was shining, and we were at Palm Beach.  Life was perfect. :)

The crab enjoyed all the fun too.

We heard that the hike to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse was an easy, beautiful walk.  They got the beautiful part right.  It was a 20 minute hike up the hill from sea level to 350 feet.  The stairs were Smugglers Track and shortcut to the top.

This is a peninsula - the Tasman Sea on one side and  the Bay on the other.
That is the headland behind us with a beautiful view north.

And the lighthouse was magnificent.

We took the easier way down which was a nice cement path.  The hiking trails are always well maintained.  Over those green hills lies Sydney - 40 k's away.

Elder Feil was all dried off.  On the hike we made some friends with a nice Russian Family and two single Scottish girls.  They  told us we needed to eat fish and chips from the Cranky Fins.  

Dinner on the verandah, a perfect end to a perfect day.  Oh and notice that is real ketchup - it is usually called tomato sauce in Australia.  

Here is the view of where we had been - it is good to look back sometimes so that we can appreciate what we have accomplished and refocus on where we are headed.  We spend time each week considering our goals and planning our time to accomplish those goals.  Sometimes life can be a big wave that just tries to soak you and throw you off course; but with planning, perspective and persistence we are able to keep moving forward achieving goals.  We have had a good week learning those lessons.  We are grateful for the small miracles that remind us whose work this is. We are grateful for His love and His great plan of happiness.  We hope you all have a great week and "catch a wave" of your own.
Love, Soaked Elder and Laughing Sister Feil 

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