Sunday, March 2, 2014

Bob's Your Uncle

The Aussie phrase of the week is "Bob's your uncle".  It basically means, everything is all good or everything is just fine.  So if you ask us about our training with the new missionaries, we would respond, "Bob's your uncle"!  We have even heard it on TV by announcers.  At first we were thinking that Bob was their Uncle's name - but then, Sister Howes responded with that and now we get it.  Another new thing were the orange trees.  We have been out in the bush numerous times and this was the first time we noticed that there were so many orange trees.  We have come to understand, that just like the scriptures, you have to live in a country for more than 6 months before you begin to notice all of the details that make it really unique.  Reading the scriptures is much like that and the more we study and read, the more details we discover and learn.  So back to our week, we were able get new missionaries and see old missionaries.  Some of the missionaries live so far away that we enjoy seeing them on rare occasions.  These are the Port Macquarie Elders and we enjoyed a short visit with them.  

Numerous small towns enjoy their antique car shows.  We have loved seeing these old cars on the road and enjoy a closer look at the shows.  The Aussie sense of humor puts interesting animals in the cars.....

And when the cars get boring, there is always something to see on the water.  It has been water, water everywhere this week and most of our days have been filled with rain.  We are now starting into the fall season.  Apparently, fall starts on March 1 and winter starts June 1.  They don't really care about the equinoxes and in true Aussie fashion, they keep it simple.

 I am holding a paper rose that one of these young men made out of a paper napkin.  We are always amazed to see their simple talents and desire to give as well as receive.   Bob's your uncle!
Because so much of this country is on the ocean, there are always working lighthouses.  We all need something to guide us to the shore and the gospel is certainly the lighthouse in our lives.  This is one of the smallest that we have seen which proves that out of small and simple things, great things are brought to pass.

Because of all of the rain this week, the land is turning green.  We are hoping that the US is also getting some much needed moisture and thinking and praying for all of you in those dry areas.

Our work week was fairly quiet until Wednesday when the ESL missionaries arrived.  The four sisters from Tonga are ready to go to work and we needed to get 2 flats set up for them.  Elder Killebrew and Elder Feil did most of the work while Sister and I handled the paperwork in the office.  We are trying to track down all of our bikes and right in the middle of that, 4 of them came up missing.  A facebook message was immediately put out and within an hour one bike came home.  At 1:30 am another came back and we are still tracking down the last two.  The polynesians take good care of our missionaries so we will hope that the last two come home soon.   Bob's your Uncle!

I'm sure you are all getting tired of beautiful sunsets - but we are a sucker for them and just seem to keep on taking photos.  Bob's your Uncle!

We ended our week with dancing class Friday night at the Harbour YSA Ward.  We had about 70 YSA dancing and learning  and actually interacting with each other for 2 hours.  They wanted to stay even after we finished.  So it was definitely a success.  We start out with some line dancing and then added in the barn dance as well as a simple waltz and then finished off with a little swing.  We will probably do at least one more class.  The lead in to our lesson was a fashion show involving a man and lady's outfits made of newspapers.  We hope to have photos next week of that.  It was a fun activity and even though we never thought we were good enough to teach dancing, we have found that the Lord blesses us with added ability to do what He needs done. Even the senior couples are getting in on the act and want some lessons in March.  It is interesting and we have to do preparation by getting on youtube and looking up steps as well as ordering music on itunes.   

As the Sun sets in the west, and we are flat out like a lizard drinking, just remember that the Saviour is your lighthouse.  Look to Him to get you through all of your trials, no matter how big or small.  He is always there when we need Him and also when we don't think we need Him.
Elder and Sister Feil
Bob's your Uncle!  :0

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