Monday, May 12, 2014

Short and Sweet

The time comes when some must end their service. Parting is happy, joyous and sad.  We will miss their bright smiles and positive attitudes.  They will be off to other adventures in life. 

Elder Smith is a great example of love and service with the younger missionaries.  His sense of humor is also wonderful to experience.

Friends for now and later, distance will separate us for awhile.

It has been a very good association.  These young men will get home and go to work or school.  They will be missed, but the work of spreading the gospel in New South Wales will continue.

We've got him surrounded but he's a shining star-a track star-so he will outrun us!  

Some of the finest young men we've ever met.  Missionary work is hastened because of their diligent efforts to spread the word of the gospel to all people they meet.

He's got us surrounded!  He has found a spot in our hearts.

We will take two Elders.  Not for sale but on loan.

The wild water at the Newcastle Beach.  Very beautiful in it's own way.  And who is this beautiful Mother's Day representative? We honor mothers today and throughout the year for their dedicated service to their families.  We know that families are the most important unit on the face of the earth.  It's where good values are instilled in children; that they will grow up to be upstanding people wherever they live and whatever their occupations and endeavors.  We love our family! We enjoy the teachings about families from apostles and prophets that encourage all people in the wonderful work of raising and teaching children in the way they should go.  Love to all from Elder and Sister Feil.

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