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August - Happy Birthday! To the many family members born this month! You know who you are :)

To the families of missionaries who are "stalking" our blog. As we approach the end of our service we thought it would be good to share photos of some we serve with.

We hope the parents of these missionaries see these photos and know that they are loved.
The Harbour Beaches Zone had a nice opportunity to attend the temple.  They are all wonderful servants of the Lord. We love them and enjoy their personalities and influence. 

 This group has missionaries from Taiwan, US, Canada, Tonga, Australia, Guam, and China.  This effort is much more successful for helping world understanding and peace.

Carlingford Court Shopping Centre isn't a great background compared with the temple, but the Elders are awesome.

 When Sister Feil has a project to complete Plan of Salvation teaching aids, the missionaries jump in and provide hours of laminating and cutting.  The teaching aids are drawings provided by one of our missionaries.
Their companions are taking the Driver Training Course and driving test.  Having the time, they are able and willing servants, no matter what the office project! 

Let's operate. How am I doing, so far?

 This is the artist for the Chinese plan of salvation kit.  She had training as a graphic design artist before her mission.  The Elder above had training as a laminator two minutes before this photo was taken.  He is a quick study.  :)
Healthy snacks energize the body and spirit.  Sister Feil provides the ingredients and Sisters provide the recipes.  

This statue is in the middle of the Memorial.  It represents a fallen soldier on his sword and shield.  He is being carried on the shoulders of his wife, mother, and sister - the women who support him.  The wife is holding a baby which represents the future generations.  It is very touching.

The ANZAC Memorial is a beautiful building in downtown Sydney within Hyde Park. This was built in memory of all the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought and died in the Great War - WWI.  It was later re-dedicated to recognize and remember all military members who fought and died in all recent wars and conflicts.  "Lest We Forget".

Kookaburras in Hyde Park were laughing away even in the busy city.  This is called a Blue Wing Kookaburra.  The telephoto lens helps to get close enough to see them.

There are many clock towers around the city.  Each has a unique style and architecture. It's fun to see the old mixed with the new in this large city.
Gardening is allowed in front of the Museum of Sydney.  Weed pulling is an optional visitor activity.

The view towards the Harbour.  

Models of the original fleet which brought 800 criminals and 600 crew members to Australia from the United Kingdom - 11 ships in all.  Who's that guy "herding" them?

Another beautiful clock in Sydney.  You just need to walk around  a little and these are visible. Do we appear to be aware of time?

The Museum of Sydney is in a modern building where the first governor's house once stood.  A noticeably beautiful day! Coat and sweater had to be removed by this lovely lady.

Ivan from Greece, shop keeper and tour guide.
His brother is a member of the LDS church and lives in Liverpool Stake which is in the South Mission.  Small world in the Church.
Here are the companions for the day.  We have enjoyed the Smiths company on many trips and hope to see them when we get home.

Has anyone in there heard of the Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ?

The view from above of the "copper"- wood/coal fired washer which required a strong stick and muscles to get the clothes clean.  They washed clothes on Monday because they cooked so much food over the weekend, with leftovers, that there was now time to wash. To the left is a "dunny" and tub. 

This is a famous photo wall in Sydney.  Every Bride and Groom want their picture taken here.  So we took the "Bride and Groom" - no we haven't changed our look that much - the Smiths took our photo and we took theirs.  Maybe we can post ours next week. :)

 Evan and Jonathan were the butt (pun intended) of numerous jokes when they went to scout camp one year and took photos of the outhouses.  We've joined the ranks of boy scouts and now take photos of outhouses!  

In the little shop we found a small replica of a Sydney shop - not the Black Cat Series, but close enough to require buying.  It's coming home with us so that we can always remember Sydney.  And then we saw the brides coming for their pictures at Sussanah Place Museum!  In the summer they que up - 8-10.  But this is winter and only 2 brides came.

Here we are at Greenway walk - Ron and Mel where are you??  This is named after the architect of 40 of Sydney's buildings of which 11 are still standing and in use today.  Remember he was a convict also - charged with forgery of a building contract and sentenced to death but sent to NSW.  Macquarie being a smart leader, used Greenways talents.  The next leader of NSW fired Greenway and tried to kick him out of his house which stood in this area but Greenway produced the  deed that he owned it free and clear.  They always wondered if it was another forgery??

There is a great barbecue-it-yourself restaurant here and on our list of to-do's.

As the moon rises over the city, we stop in the middle of Liverpool street for an appreciative photo.  The longer we are here, the more we love this place.  We understand our children who served missions and their trials and joys.  We have learned that missionary work is hard work and requires daily effort.  We admire those who forsake all for the gospel of Jesus Christ and their willingness to follow His example.
It is still winter here - next week should bring more rain and cold, but that is easier to "shovel" than snow.  The week after transfers is always quiet in the office and a time for catching up.  Elder of course never catches up because he is the "money man" and bills always need attention.  Sister is already looking ahead to the next missionaries to come and go which will happen in small doses in August.  We are still on track to finish the Book of Mormon in 60 days and hope all of our children are reading and studying the Book of Mormon with their children.  We know that some of the grandchildren are working on indexing on line - what a great effort and service you are providing.  Attend the temple,  enjoy your church calls, hug our grandchildren every day for us and tell them how much we love and miss them.  Then hug your spouse and let them know we love and miss both of you.  And now a birthday recap, July and August.  We sent cards to all, we think. But, Happy Birthday to Kristina, Lauren, Aaron Adams, Malia, Carrie Moyle, Evan Bybee, Eli, Casey Adams, Dane Adams, Quinley, Joey, Cameron and Evan Adams.  Plus, we want to recognize Kadin's ordination, baptisms of Brandon and Tommy.  We also look forward to Miriam's baptism next month.  We hope all is going well, that health, safety and success abound in all of your good activities.  Jesus Christ is our Savior; the restored gospel is true and spreading the world over.  We are grateful for all of our blessings and the opportunity to serve in this beautiful land and among wonderful people.  Love from Australia, Elder and Sister Feil

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