Sunday, September 21, 2014

Walk like a Man and Spit

Haircuts - we get them every 6 weeks.  We try different barbers, hair stylists, and shops, and sometimes the results are quite funny...  This time Elder had a new lady who wanted to jazz up the end results.  So when he came back to the office, we were all a little taken back by the upward swoop that she gelled into his hair.  We did not laugh at him but when he chose to pose this way, we couldn't help but have a good time.  So go ahead, enjoy the laugh, and know that at the end of the day the only difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut  is two weeks - or a shower to wash out the gel.  

 Walk like a man..
Sometimes when on other errands, we have been able to feed our Elders in their areas.  This was a quick breakfast with 2 amazing Elders.  The food is excellent here.  You can always tell if the food is any good by how many "tradies" are eating there.  The room was packed with tradies.

Walk like a Manly Man - over the Spit Bridge and on to Manly from Mosman.  There are so many beautiful walks around the Sydney area.  This one involves a bridge called the Spit Bridge.  

It connects two very close peninsulas and came from the phrase - " so close you could spit on it."  But today, it is a beautiful area with quiet bays and beaches.

We parked on the Mosman side of the Spit Bridge and walked across.  Then we came to the area where the actual trail to Manly starts.

We found "Vanna" Feil showing us the way.  It is a 10 kilometer walk along the shore line ending in Manly Beach.  We knew we were going to a baptism and because of our late start, we decided to walk for an hour and then hustle back and retrieve the car.

At times it is hard to believe that you are only about 10 +k's from Sydney.  Of course, we weren't the only people out walking; the locals enjoy this as exercise and the alone moments were nicely spaced.

They have benches at viewpoints - there is that Spit Bridge again with the Manly Man standing in front.  If you want to learn about fauna, there are signs describing the plants.  We didn't want to bore you with too much information.

The above picture should be a poem...but neither of us are poetic.  But we can stand and look photogenic by a big rock!  The layers are magnificent and this had some historical significance, but due to old age, we are unable to remember it at this point.

Along the walk, the path is right along the shore of Sandy Beach.  We were lucky to be here at low tide.  We are guessing that if you try and walk it at high tide, you have to go around to the street at this point.  We found some beautiful white shells to add to our collection.  Now if we can only figure out a cheap way to get all the shells home.

At this point, imagine us sprint-walking back to the Spit Bridge, over the bridge, and into the parking lot to get the car.  Then driving back to this point, finding parking and continuing on the walk.  While we didn't walk the 10 k's, we more than made up for it by going back and forth.
The next little segment had more small beaches.  There are very few houses along in here.  Not sure who owns this stone boat house as well as the abandoned boat.  

The kayakers are everywhere and this one got tired and brought hers on shore for a solitary rest!

Here we are playing the FBI and wondering what the Coast Guard is doing on this beach.  We never figured it out and it still remains a mystery.  

We have shown you the stone pools on the beaches for the littles, but this one was totally fenced in and the kids were having a great time.  This is a harbour area but behind us is a park for them to play in.  There are so many beautiful places for the children to enjoy the water and the land and sand.  No wonder the Aussies grow up loving the outdoors.

Here is a little artistic photography by Sister, the ocean and sand.

Now we are getting to the end of our time but not the end of the walk.  So we sprint back 3 k's again, pick up the car, and zoom ahead to the North Head Lookout.  Brilliant!  And worth all the effort.  Yes that is where Sydney Harbour meets the Ocean and the North and South Head.

And that is our Brilliant Sister Feil with her Manly Man of the hour!  Amazing what you can find on a stroll on the beach - Too Right!

We hustled to Manly Beach for fresh fish and chips.  They are famous for that.  Then we changed in the car into our Sunday-go-to-meetin clothes, passing this old building on the way.  At a red light we had time for a quick pic.  Then, oooops, Elder, we forgot to turn right.  Oh No, we ended up going over the Harbour Bridge twice and 7 minutes late for the baptism.  No worries, the Relief Society President was also late.

We can't resist taking pics of our manly Elders and beautiful Sisters.  This was 2 baptisms by 2 zones - Beaches and City and because transfers had just taken place, a few other missionaries got to come along because they had worked with the two investigators.  This is the chapel with the courtyard right by the baptismal font.  

This is lots of great friends getting together to share in the joy and love of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This picture started out with 3 Elders and grew to this massive group.  Even the Ward Mission Leader got in the mix - he is the older man on the left, married and expecting their first child.  All good fun.

Temple day again.  The Tongan Elder on the left,  asked his mother to send the two fans that Elder and Sister Feil are holding. This was his gift to us!  We were so grateful and brought to tears.  They all decided it should be a picture with only Polynesians and 2 Palagis - the Feils.  Oops, one more Palagi.  He is the Zone leader so he can be in it if he wants.  :)

Baulkham Hills Zone on Temple Day.  We were missing a few "laters".
Remember this is the day we feed them hot chocolate, apples, oranges, and popcorn.  They love it when they come out of the temple.  After the hors d'oeuvres, they head to Carlingford Court, the shopping mall, for lunch.  

 Spring has sprung, the weather is getting warmer, the birds and bees are mating, and our local masked lapwing has mated and is now sitting on her nest in the middle of the field in front of our office. The Manly Mate is guarding.
Her manly mate takes his turn on the nest, keeping the eggs warm.  There should be about 2 weeks left and the babies will hatch.  The joys of springtime down under.
We close with a painting done by a member, from a photo taken of us demonstrating how to dance at the YSA Ward.  We were also invited to a ball to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Emu Plains Ward building.  We danced alot and our fame is spreading across the land.  Ha! Ha!
We love you all and miss you.  The work of the Lord continues to move forward.  We see miracles each week as people find our missionaries and want to know the truth.  We share the joy and love of the Saviour and invite all to come unto Christ.  We are excited to listen to a living prophet, apostles, and seventy's and know that as you listen you will learn how to solve the problems in your lives.
Elder Feil, the Manly One, and Sister Feil, who loves Manly! 

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