Monday, June 3, 2013

A Week of animals - or Noah's week - rain and animals

 We went to the Wildlife Preserve at Featherdale.  It is a favorite place for all the tourists.  There were lots of birds in cages and walking around, but our favorite experiences were with the animals up close and personal.  We petted the Koalas, touched the Kangaroos, saw the baby joeys, and watched the flying foxes, or fruit bats fight over their food.  We took lots of videos but as yet we are still learning to upload to our blog.  They seem to be too big to upload at this point.  We are amazed the the creations of God and find great joy in learning and observing and experiencing  all that this wonderful world has to offer.  We are truly blessed to be here and will share a few more pictures and tell a little more about our day to day life down under.

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