Monday, June 3, 2013

Family Home Evening

We had a wonderful gathering of Senior Missionary couples on Monday evening.  We had a very nice meal and then we all had an opportunity to share some personal experiences.  These personal stories were very enjoyable, spiritual and uplifting.  Many related to their conversion to the restored gospel.  Others were about some of life's events that influenced family members and friends for good.  Some were about how responding to the whisperings of the Holy Ghost actually protected children from danger or harm.  One reported how prayer helped saved his life in a dangerous situation.  God does watch over each of us.  The couples serve in various assignments:  Family History, Public Relations, Temple President, Legal Counsel, and in the mission office.  The first picture includes Elder Williams, Elder and Sister Tanner, Sister and Elder Kohlert.  The second picture includes Elder Kohlert, Sister and Elder Haynes, Elder Feil, Matron and President Barr of the Sydney Temple.  By the way, the Australia Sydney Temple was built in 1984.  We attended a session last Friday evening.  It's small but beautiful.

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