Sunday, July 21, 2013

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Missionaries arrive on jet planes to get here and when it's time, they take the big bird home.  In between they serve the Lord by seeking to spread the word of His gospel to all who will listen.  They brighten the lives of people they meet by their happy countenance and positive, loving attitude towards everyone. Those who listen to the message of the restored gospel are greatly blessed by these emissaries of the Savior, Jesus Christ.  All people are invited to join in.  We are fortunate to be helpers in the Australia Sydney North Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Above are new missionaries already hard at work completing required paperwork-fun:)

Sister Howes and Sister Cox-masters of feeding the missionaries.

Simple crockpot type meals are a good way to go when feeding several missionaries .

Will the paperwork ever end? Asks Elder Davey from England.

The Fleet made needed purchases of vacuum cleaners for missionary flats.  Quite the sight when these 3 soldiers were crossing the busy street-Pennant Hills Road-in front of the Mission Office.  This is how real men like to go shopping. We survived!!!!

Posing as soon as the camera comes out.

Elder Arona-3rd from left- finally arrived and his District came in to support him and immerse him in the work and activities of missionaries.  5 different countries are represented here.

Missionaries saying goodbye to Elder Corbett (2nd from right-Scotland), a wonderful, happy friend and missionary.

How goofy can missionaries look?  And all they drink is water.  3 Americans and a Brit.  Our comrades as they battle for souls in the work of the Lord.  Fun and dedicated servants.

Some of the wonderful Mandarin Speaking sister missionaries.  Sister Bambrough-left-writes simplified Chinese as well as native speakers. They bring a great spirit into the Mission Office as they pass through after a district meeting or picking up supplies.  Sister Feil loves and supports them.

Obedience to law is expected no matter what the spelling.

And there's still paperwork to be completed.  Seemingly a never-ending process.

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