Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pouches, Parties, and Parrots

Every few days, we walk across the road to buy groceries and other needed items at Carlingford Court.  The malls have grocery stores as well as other stores and all seem to have built in parking garages.  We have grown accustomed to walking with bags to the store and walking home.  It seems appropriate to bring our own bags to the grocery store now.

We get together with the other couples twice a month or more for dinner, parties,  FHE and just general friend -shipping. Some of them have the most amazing stories, like Judy Sheen, who was born in Mainland China and immigrated to Australia when she was 5 yrs. old.  When she went back to the village where she was born, she was able to copy a genealogy book of her ancestors that contained more than 2000 names of her ancestors back to 800 AD.  We had a surprise birthday party for her.

We met up with the Lassigs, from Centerville, Utah,  outside the Australia Sydney Temple.  We had a nice visit with them and we all went to Morissett to view the kangaroos.

And then there are Kangaroo pouches.  We drove to a place call Morrisett which is north of Sydney about an hour.  In the fields surrounding a hospital are 100 or more kangaroos.  People come to see them wandering around wild and feed them bread.  We had no bread for them but others did.  We met a couple from Utah and asked if they wanted to ride along so we had company for the trip up and back.  

Elder French and Elder Kioa from Tonga - the gentle giant

And then there are the mail pouches.  Every week missionaries stop by asking if they have any mail.  They are excited to have full pouches of mail as you can see by the pictures above.  Even though some of it is not even theirs.    

These pink parrots, or cockatoos are everywhere and they have a lovely song.   Their backs are soft grey and they were flying and singing above the kangaroos.  

Hello Joey - like most moms, it is hard work carrying junior around.  But a pouch on the front makes it a little easier.

 And finally, the white cockatoos, while they are beautiful to look at, their call is like the sound of a screeching banshee - or maybe a fishwife.  But whichever you choose, the lesson is clear - look and sound as beautiful on the inside as you do on the outside or you will be like the cockatoo.
So, what do you do when you're tired?  You get into the sleeping bag and let mommie do the rest! :)

So, keep the cards, letters and emails coming.  The missionaries love hearing from home.  It strengthens their resolve to continue diligent effort in the service of the Lord.  Just as mail is sent all over, we know that the word of the restored gospel will continue to spread throughout this country and the world.

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  1. It was so much fun to meet you two! We had such a wonderful day. We just made it back to Utah yesterday and finally got some sleep after not sleeping for almost 2 days. :)