Sunday, August 4, 2013

Time Out for Women and the Harbour City YSA Ward - Talofa

 This week the CEO of Deseret Book, Sheri Dew, as well as the Vice President of Operations, Laurel Christensen, Singer Hillary Weeks, Virginia Hinckley Pearce and Brad Wilcox, BYU professor of education all came to town.  2350 women heard them speak and sing at the Sydney Olympic Park Sports Center at the Time Out For Women conference.  Many of the sisters (shown in these photos) from the Harbour Ward (YSA) also attended.  A lot of sister missionaries came to this event and were very much uplifted.

Elder and Sister Baker, farmers from the state of Washington have been a stalwart, dedicated Sr Couple in the Harbour Ward. As part of their assignment they live in downtown Sydney and teach English as a second language, having no previous training or experience.  They sacrificed in order to bless others. They have encouraged, guided and supported the Young Single Adults and the many newly baptized members of the church that attend the ward.  They will be missed as they will complete their 23 months of service here in about 1 month.

These photos show some of the members of the Harbour Ward and missionaries assigned to serve there.  This is the area with the most baptisms each month in the Australia Sydney North Mission.

Elder Moncho, left, from Spain and Elder Stowers from New Zealand are happy to serve in the Harbour Ward area. They do some singing for others with their interesting accents.  Very upbeat and entertaining.

An interesting fence made of twigs and wire.  This is looking out the back door of a more recently acquired missionary flat. Last Thursday Elder Feil spent about 4 1/2 hours signing and paying for leases and inspecting 2 more flats.  This type of activity will increase as we receive additional missionaries. 

An Australian young man who has a great sense of humor  and brightens the day of those around him.

Elder Davey recently arrived from England. He's one of two missionaries from the United Kingdom.  He told of a prayer offered at the Provo MTC by an American missionary on Independence Day thanking Heavenly Father that we were able to break away from the British.  He had a good laugh over that.

Upbeat and positive. That's Elder Wennerholm.

The fast breaker meal and those who helped set it up.

Sister Cho, 2nd from right is from San Francisco and speaks Mandarin and Cantonese.  Her father spoke only Cantonese and her mother only spoke Mandarin.  She and her brother speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese!  Amazing! These missionaries are so talented.

Elder Ripley, from England, having a gospel discussion.
Some of the great young women who attend each week and serve  in the Harbour Ward.

So as we close this week, we wish Happy Birthday to all of our children and grandchildren who have birthdays this month.  We send hugs to friends and family.  We are reminded by this YSA Ward that the world is a small place, and well known people have time to bless and lift others.  We are doing our best to make our part of the world a better place.  Wo ai ni

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