Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lift Where You're Standing

 This week involves work - we worked to get ready for new missionaries coming.  We worked to get ready for 9 superior missionaries leaving.  We worked to prepare for training, housing, and teaching wherever we were needed.  Since we didn't travel to a country branch, we had time to help and prepare in other areas.  We have two outstanding missionary couples finishing their missions.  The Kohlerts and the Bakers have been great examples of working and lifting where they were standing.  Kohlerts have served 3 missions.  Twice they were the mission president and sister and this last mission have been in the Public Affairs for the church.  They are in their 70's and have spent the last 10 years or so in the full-time service of God.  They are great examples to us and to all good people throughout the world.  The Bakers are potato farmers from Washington who came to the big city of Sydney to support members.  They have taught English to Chinese speakers, cooked food, fed the multitudes of young single adults, hauled them all over NSW to see, learn, and do at various activities, and spiritually led, counseled and loved all they met.  They are spiritual giants and humble servants of Jesus Christ.  They leave next week to go back to the farm and told everyone to eat fish and chips instead of beef and rice - that would support them back on the farm! :) But they will truly be missed.  And along come Elder and Sister Dick, who left their 8 children and families, to run the institute program in the city.  They are the "newbies" and have already stepped up to the plate to fill the gap left by others.  They will do just fine for the next two years and will learn and serve in the process.
So we have cried to see the old missionaries leave, but smile when the new ones arrive.  We work to get them here and work to keep them here.  Then we will do what needs to be done to see them safely home.  A satisfying but emotional week.

Here are the unsung heroes of the mission, Elder Nelson and Elder Noble.  The Fleet Missionaries have worked hard at making the housing livable for the missionaries by shopping for and purchasing (with the help of the mission credit card possessed by Elder Feil) mattresses, bed frames, chairs, tables, desks, pots, pans, utensils, refrigerators, washers, dryers and rice cookers (essential for the Asian missionaries).  Plus, they tirelessly manage the 38 cars, numerous bikes along with necessary repairs, traffic fines and licensing of bikes.  They make arrangements and take the cars damaged in accidents, such as in kangaroo slayings on the road, to the "smash repairer".  In their spare time they help move things as shown above.  We love them very much.  In addition, they are fun to associate with :).

There was an art show/fund raiser at the King's School just down the road from us.  It's a private boys school and there are several pictures of students in their uniforms.  Sister Howes thinks they look like band uniforms.  These two old men are made out of acrylic with a touch of real clothing.  They looked like they could talk to us.  The young children thought it was great after overcoming a little fear.

More of the King's Boys

This is what a school fund-raiser looks like in "winter" in Australia.  We love winter in Australia!

Every old school must have their own, old church.

Elder Noble has gone home, Elder Shim is now a Zone Leader in the city, Elder Freitag and Elder Nelson got new companions.  And everyone kept on working.

We are trying to do our part here to support the missionary work. We hope all of you are striving to do the same in your communities, homes, wards and work places.  Most important are the people that we learn to love and appreciate along the way.  And we hope that we bless their lives in some small way. We love you all and think of you often. Elder and Sister Feil

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  1. We miss you guys! Love reading the blog and seeing all the pictures! TIME IS FLYING by!! :) Let's skype soon!