Sunday, September 8, 2013

City Driving

When we arrived in Sydney, we came by plane.  As we became more adept at city life, we took the train to the city and back.  Other couples have since introduced us to boats and we take the River Cat to Sydney to do our touring on Saturdays.  But on Sundays, we have had others take us to Church, or we have followed the missionaries.  We recently decided it was time to be brave, and venture into the city with our best friend, Mr. Tom Tom (the GPS).  So, as we approach downtown Sydney where the church building is located, Mr Tom Tom went out of control (he couldn't handle being among tall buildings-concrete, brick and steel) and decided to reroute us back home before we even reached our destination.  Elder Feil said "He's whacked out in his brain!"  Sister Feil's uproarious laughter didn't help Mr Tom Tom straighten out his act.  So, we are trying to determine where we are and where to go when the honking starts and Elder Feil turns on the windshield wipers-an automatic response with the left hand in the USA to find the turn signal.  That didn't help much as Sister Feil chuckled, again.  Finally Elder Feil asks what street we are on.  That sounds familiar so he turns.  Another street name is familiar so we turn. We finally make it to the area of the parking  and push the remote button.  But, alas, we're still not on the right street and that garage door just stares back, not moving.  A minute later we found our parking and arrive a little late for church after driving for about 1 hour.  It's normally about a 25-30 minute drive.  Oh, the joys of big city driving :/ But we hear that doing new activities helps prevent Alzheimers so with this activity alone, we should be good for another ten years.

The oldest house at The Rocks in Sydney.  I won't comment on those other old things in front. No this is not where we live. :)

Heading over the Sydney Harbor Bridge with a planned stop at the Pylon ahead which is also a small museum that tells the story of how it was built from 1924 to 1932.  Sister Feil isn't really walking; she's just posing.

A great view of the Sydney Opera House from the top of The Pylon.  It's a very beautiful harbor.

Steel separates the cars from the people.  As we walked we could feel the shaking caused by all the vehicles.  Sister Feil felt very safe.  How old are these rivets?

Our little bug buddy found on the pedestrian walkway. It's color is representative of the many birds and bugs which have a variety of color patterns here in Australia.

Above and below two dummies  representing how bridge workers looked while doing their work. When completed this bridge was the largest single span bridge in the world.  Notice there were no safety nets.  Only 16 died during the construction.

The Pacific Pearl at the Circular Quay (pronounce "key") in Sydney Harbor.

Here's a bridge eye view.

7 lanes plus a bus lane (red), train line and pedestrian walkway.  Quite the planning and engineering accomplishment.

Darling Harbor around the corner from Sydney Harbor.

A replica of the Endeavor, Captain Bligh's ship in Darling Harbor.

Off she goes on another cruise.  The Pacific Pearl.

We never tire of taking photos of the Opera House.

Harry de Wheel's fast food place.  You see what we ordered-Harry's Tiger.  It's a meat pie topped with mashed potatoes, mashed peas and gravy.  Tastes good, looks a bit ugly. As we returned safely from another trip we are grateful to the Lord for blessing us.  We know He is mindful of each of us and loves his children.  We have enjoyed talking to our families by video.  We know our Heavenly Father loves us and has an interest in our comings and goings. We love you all heaps! Elder and Sister Feil from Down Under

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