Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Six Week Routine and a Tour in Between

The Fleet Elders and look who has their back! Elder Noble, left,  went home with 8 other Elders who had completed their missions. The Fleet Elders are great at fulfilling their duties to support the temporal needs of the missionaries, which is a massive job. We are also involved in helping with the temporal needs and have enjoyed our routine association and daily interaction with Fleet.  We love and miss you, Elder Noble! 

So, on Tuesdays, every 6 weeks missionaries are released from their missions and return home. Nine just left on August 27th. On Wednesdays, new missionaries arrive.  On August 28th, 16 new missionaries arrived.  This was the first time since our arrival that we received more than went home :).

These two were "visa waiters".  After their MTC time they are assigned to another mission while they await the visa approval process to be completed.  We are happy when they finally arrive.

Amongst the arrivals were missionaries from Tonga, Samoa, England, the Philippines, New Zealand and the United States.

Sister Feil teaches, encourages and gets the new missionaries to complete the "intake" paperwork.  Elder Feil bribes them with candy bars to listen and learn about financial support issues, budgeting and avoiding traffic fines.  All this important business is carried out after they were on a plane for several hours (for example 14 hours from the USA).  Our wonderful mission president prayerfully considers and selects training companions for the new arrivals so they become skilled in doing their duties.

On the evening of their arrival, the new missionaries and their trainers are fed by members, including Sr. Couples and then they teach us a lesson which was prepared earlier in the day.  We enjoyed Elders Sales and Escabarte as they shared their love for the scriptures.

After a busy week we needed a diversion.  So, now  the tour. We were off to Watsons Bay with two other Sr. Couples.  We enjoyed good company, good food and beautiful scenery.

Watsons Bay is one of the last areas before going out to sea.  We ate lunch at Peter Doyle's Restaurant, established in 1885.  It's a famous and popular fish eatery.  We enjoyed a local fish (and chips) called John Dory.  It was very good.

The scenery is stunning.  On one side is the Tasman Sea or Pacific Ocean (we can't tell where the dividing line is).  And the other side is the harbor near Sydney.

Senior Couples living dangerously!

This is what is called "bush walking".

In 1857 the Dunbar got caught in  a northeaster gale in August  and was destroyed.  Only 1 sailor survived of 123 to tell the tale.  This anchor was recovered about 50 years later and is now part of this memorial.

A street sign in English and Chinese.  How unique!

In front of Marquarie's Lighthouse.

Going into The Grove

Gives new meaning to finding your roots!

Big sails and little sails in Sydney Harbor.  It's a very popular activity.

We later hopped on another ferry to Manly Beach.  Here's Sister Feil being "manly".

Maybe this is a more "manly" pose...

This is a Water Dragon-the real manly look.  Yes, grandchildren, you may pet him.

We walked from Manly Beach to Shelley Beach and saw surfers practicing their skills.

Now there's a "manly" wharf for you.

A beautiful day comes to an end.  We really were on the "good ferry".  Sydney Harbor Bridge with backup!

Our busy week ended with spiritual refreshment as we attended the Harbor Ward with missionaries and members of this Young Single Adult Ward.  Our days and weeks begin and end with interaction with missionaries already serving or those leaving or those just arriving.  We know that this work is going forth and spreading throughout this land and the world as prophesied in the scriptures.  The restored gospel is true and we're grateful to be a small part of this continuing effort.  We love the Savior and know that God lives and is our loving Heavenly Father.

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