Tuesday, May 14, 2013

First week in Australia

The area with our home was once a boys school.  The church bought the property and put the Temple on one corner and the three main buildings on the other with the homes at the back.  The whole lot is situated on a busy street in Carlingford right across from a shopping plaza.  More to come about that later.  The pictures show the property - except for the Temple.  It is surrounded by huge gum trees and camellia bushes and other plants we have never seen.  We will take more pictures of those.  The weather is like Vegas or Phoenix in the fall - cool mornings, and warm afternoons.  We have had some rain and we forgot our umbrellas!  So off to the shopping plaza! :)  The mission just got 15 new Toyota Corollas but we got a slightly used silver one to drive.  Tom is trying to get used to the turn signal on the right of the steering and the windshield wiper on the left.  So every time he turns, he puts on the wiper blades.  :D  I laugh and hope everyone else laughs.
We have had two long days of working for nine- ten hours in the office.  They are a little behind with more missionaries coming to get ready for splitting the mission.  So we have had to jump in with both feet and work our little fingers to the bone.  We are meeting lots of missionaries from all over the world.  
This is what Don Dearborn would call "multi-cultural" at its best.  We only have wireless internet in a different building than we work so we had to come at 8:30pm to do our internet work.  We don't have any in our home.  So more pictures to post and a few more notes of explanation and then off to bed.

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  1. WOW! LOVE the photos! Also laughing with you about Tom's new driving skills. And YES Don enjoyed you remembering his "multi-cultural" words! He would so enjoy observing ALL! You would have lots to talk and laugh about! :) His NH accent would surely confuse many of those missionaries! ;)
    Joan and Don and Jay