Tuesday, May 14, 2013

So here are the first photos of life in Australia.  We arrived early Sat. morning.  Pres. and Sister Howes picked us up and took us right down to the harbor for our first shots of the Opera House.  The weather was cool but beautiful and we loved seeing all the new and unusual.  After an Aussie Barbecue with the other Senior Couples, we unpacked and surveyed our new surroundings.  We forced ourselves to stay awake until 8pm and then fell into bed - exhausted!  Sunday morning found us up bright and early at 7am.  We went to church with Pres. and Sister Howes and enjoyed 15 primary children singing "I Often go Walking in Meadows of Clover"  with a wonderful Aussie accent!  Bonzer!!  Then we returned "home" to finish cleaning, unpacking, organizing - I understand why my children are ocd on cleaning!  Tom is standing at the front door of our home which is lovingly called The Stable.  This little Gazebo with me in front divides the homes of the mission president, temple president, public relations, and ours.  The grounds are all cared for by the temple gardeners and we just enjoy.

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  1. WOW AGAIN! BEAUTIFUL! You two are the perfect couple to enjoy ALL!
    Joan and Don and Jay