Sunday, May 5, 2013

Round 2 - of the MTC

We just got dumped off at the MTC this afternoon; actually we were lovingly deposited at the MTC by Evan and Erin. After tearful goodbyes with Casey, Angie, Cameron and Lauren, and Elizabeth, leaving seemed much harder, but also sweeter. We know we are off on a grand adventure but these next 4 days will be more difficult to stay focused and not look beyond the mark to Thursday. We've sold both cars and had to be taxied around by Evan and Erin :) Thanks.  It's the first time in probably 40-45 years that we have been without a car.  Seems impossible, but it's true.  We packed the house away, cleaned then packed our suitcases, for real this time, with all our worldly possessions - at least as much as 3 suitcases each would hold. We said goodbye to dear friends at church and enjoyed the miracle and testimony of John Hunter. We will miss him and all our ward friends. However, we know they will be just fine and we will be fine also - hopefully we'll be great in our calling.  That's our goal.  Last week we gained many new friends as we received training on how to use the Preach My Gospel manual.  It's interesting how we can get so close to people we didn't know before our time at the MTC. Now we look forward to additional training on another serious topic - managing mission finances, cars, housing, referrals, correspondence, missionary needs, etc.  We're ready to dive in for the next 4 days.

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