Monday, May 20, 2013

Mission Works

At the mission office, missionaries come and go, receive training, check in to pick up mail, and any other help they may need.  We as an office staff, do our best to help and cheer.  These missionaries are from all over the world, Samoa, Fiji, China, US, and yes some are even from Australia.  It is definitely like Isaiah said " ...And all nations shall flow unto it."  2:2
We were able to do our training on driving a car and after watching videos, taking a test, and driving with the fleet Elders, we were deemed safe drivers.  It is a little crazy trying to change the brain from all those years of driving on the right, but we are improving.  So we should be safe.

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  1. Molly, do you know the name of the Sister missionary sitting in the chair looking at the magazine? (she is in 2 pictures) I can't really see her face but she looks a little like the Sister from my ward.