Monday, May 20, 2013

The View

A sign of the times?  Windsor is quite strict at the present time, at least until the end of this year.  Nice old post office building. More views of the main walkway through Windsor.  What kind of tree grows that way-like a vine growing over pergola?  The pole shouldn't be that close but the tree is real.  How about the beautiful temple?  It is a sight to see.  And we live nearby.  Notice the sunset behind that old guy.  The sunset is, at the least, impressive :).  Last Saturday was very busy in different ways, but ended well, in front of the Sydney Temple.  Awesome!


  1. Hi Molly and Tom! It's Monday night here in South Jersey. We are enjoying your interesting "VIEWS"!!! The old guy always looks so sharp in his shirt and tie!
    The temple is beautiful! When was it built?
    AND we were happy to learn that you had driver training & that you were deemed safe drivers!
    Tons of pollen here plus the Memorial Day knats are right on schedule! 80 degrees today! Never had Spring! Uncle Jay checks the Philadelphia Inquirer daily for the weather in Sidney! :)
    HUGS from Joan and Don and Jay

  2. Hi you two!
    Not sure what happened to my earlier post - never did appear. Did you get to see it anyway? We LOVE all the photos including the beautiful temple ones! It's fun for us to imagine you guys in action with the many missionaries from all over the world! We know you are enjoying every moment!
    We are good - watching the Phillies - they are not winning again!
    Joan and Don ... And Jay too!