Monday, May 20, 2013

On Tour

Some of the beautiful  scenery on our way to Windsor, which is towards the Blue Mountains.  Nice, clean roads and we can go 80!!! Oh, yeah, that's only 49.7 miles per hour because it's 80 kilometers per hour.  Dang!  And what's with the steering wheel? It's on wrong side, yet on the right side.  I didn't realize that a Porsche can have 4 doors.  Doesn't that slow it down?  They have nice car shows here with oldies, just like across the United States.  Isn't that a great drag racer.  Love the color.  Windsor has  wonderful old buildings with various businesses.  And it's great to walk and window shop.  We had some tasty fish and chips here.  We may need to come back here again.  We are meeting nice people, seeing great places and we can actually drive and navigate to places we need to go.  We have been told that winter starts here on June 1st.  Apparently we love Autumn here - sunshine, 65 degrees, light breezes.  However, we can see that we will be having some rain starting here this week.  We are learning a lot about office procedures and applying our MTC training.  Love being here.

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